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Instant PDF Site Reports

The product was created by professionals that do site-surveys for a living. You can do building surveys and site visits with your tablet device and automatically create great looking presentations for your clients and colleagues. Walk through a space and "Smart-Pin" photos, notes, annotations and audio to specific locations on a reference file (drawing, map, grid, etc.) and then share PDF and web presentations of specific areas or an entire project with one tap. Additionally, these presentations give a spatial awareness by showing where the information was collected. A portfolio of all of your projects is backed up to the cloud and accessible on any browser or mobile device. See more about How it Works. Click Here.


Smart-Pins group the media (photos, notes, etc.) that you are collecting and pins them to a specific area on the reference file. This could be a room, a general location or even the specific portion of a space that you are collecting information about. SurveySnap will automatically create presentations of the information based on its location at the site.

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Professional Reports

With one tap you can instantly create and share a professional presentation of the information that you collected. Then choose from different templates and see your information instantly change format. You can save the presentation to your SurveySnap web access page or email it out right from the app.

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